PeopleSoft PIA(Weblogic) Domain Quick Deploy from Script

This is a 3rd in a series of 3 posts on deploying PeopleSoft Domains from a script. In this post we will be creating a PeopleSoft PIA(Weblogic) Domain. This one is probably the most complex of the 3 domain types to automate.

A few prerequisites:
  1. Requires Linux with Bash (although it may work with Bash on Windows.. not sure)
  2. PS_HOME, PS_CFG_HOME, PS_APP_HOME, and PS_CUST_HOME must be set
  3. It includes some text file manipulation to configure your ibgateway settings and imports any certificates need by your weblogic keystore which you may prefer to comment out.
Finally, if you're not familiar Rundeck makes running these jobs and any other bash script a breeze! Perhaps I'll talk more about that another time.


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