PeopleSoft Appserver Domain Quick Deploy from Script

In my last post I talked about how creating PeopleSoft domains by hand was rather inefficient and prone to misconfiguration and provided a script that will create a process scheduler domain. Here is the equivalent script for creating an appserver domain. Obviously this one is a bit more complex.

A few prerequisites:
  1. Requires Linux with Bash (although it may work with Bash on Windows.. not sure)
  2. PS_HOME, PS_CFG_HOME, PS_APP_HOME, and PS_CUST_HOME must be set
  3. You'll need to create a custom cfx template in $PS_HOME/appserv/small_custom.cfx. Just copy the small.cfx file in this folder and then set any custom properties you want. i.e
  4. Your Linux installation should have "lsof" installed.
I will post a script for the PIA domain (Weblogic) in my next post.


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