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Oracle Enterprise Manager notify when Recovery Area low

I seem to be on the Oracle Enterprise manager kick lately, so why not one more post on it. Recently I hit the 85% mark on the Fast Recovery Area due to archive log bloat and did not see any alerts triggered in OEM. Well as I discovered, part of the reason for this is that according to MOS,

"If using Fast Recovery Area (FRA) for the archive destination and the destination is set to USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST, then the Archive Area % Used metric will not trigger anymore." Well that is annoying. However, I did find that the alert does trigger, but it is buried and doesn't show up on any main pages. To see it, go to the target database home page. Then navigate to Oracle Database->Monitoring->All Metrics. In the left pane you can scroll down to “Recovery Area->Recovery Area Free Space”.  There you will see your alert if active. When viewing the All Metrics page, click on the alerts icon to see active alerts.

If you want to see it triggered just temporarily shrink your …