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Active Directory Authentication with an Oracle Database

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to manage user passwords in your Oracle Databases? Setting up Active Directory aka Kerberos Authentication is a way to avoid having to manage passwords and allows users to authenticate against your Active Directory. Below is a list of useful links and My Oracle references that were used when setting up this example:

EDIT - This post gets a lot of hits so I will include some updated information. If you're on 12c you need to add kerberos5pre to your list of services. e.g.

SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES= (beq,kerberos5pre,kerberos5)

If you are an Oracle Support Customer check out
How To Configure Kerberos Authentication In A 12c Database ( Doc ID 1996329.1 ).

If not, here is a good 3rd party write up

Master Note For Kerberos Authentication (Doc ID 1375853.1)
Configuring ASO Kerberos Authentication with a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory KDC (Doc ID 1304004.1)
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