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Uploading Customizations into PeopleSoft PUM

PeopleSoft Change assistant 8.55+ gives us the ability to upload customizations in to the PUM appliance. This allows us to generate reports to let us know which customizations will be affected by any bug fixes. One issue I have come across is that Oracle expects you to load all of your customizations into a single project (for example UPGCUST), export to file and then upload. What if you want to collect all of your customizations each within their own project and then upload them individually? Well, here's my trick... To upload the customizations first we need to export them from an existing copy of production. Get a list of all of the project names for your customizations. Typically your customizations project names should all share a common prefix, This SQL script will generate a list of all customizations and update the project flags if they are set incorrectly. --dump list of project names that use your customizations prefix select projectname from psprojectdefn where proje…