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Oracle PeopleSoft PUM and Tools 8.55

Hello and welcome. I have started this blog as a reference for myself and if I can help anyone else out in the process, that's usually a good thing. Without further ado, here is the first post.

I work with Oracle PeopleSoft and today had to download the first ever PUM appliance based on PeopleTools 8.55. With this update, Oracle has changed the way you load/create the PUM database for applying updates. (i.e. Tax updates). In the past all we did was download the Virtual Box image, extract it and import into Virtual Box.

 There are now 2 different options.

Use the new Puppet based DPK's which will install and build a PeopleSoft instance/database on a VM you already have. (for example in your VMware environment)
Run a Powershell or Bash (depending on your Virtual Box Host OS) that will create an Oracle Linux VM in Virtual Box and then run the DPK's to build a PeopleSoft instance/database inside of that Virtual Box VM. For my purposes I am going to start with option 2 since I al…