Applying Oracle CPU security patches for PeopleSoft

Every quarter (January, April, July, October) Oracle releases their CPU (Critical Patch Updates) for all Oracle products. For PeopleSoft there are quite a few different products that require individual patching.

Assuming you are running the full Oracle Stack, within the Oracle CPU you should be looking for security patches to:

PeopleTools (dot level patches not major release)
PeopleSoft Applications (while rare, security issues do come up in HCM,ELM,etc applications)
Oracle Database
Oracle Linux

The most significant of these that requires patching is Weblogic. The easiest place to find this patches is on the Weblogic DocID page within My Oracle Support. Patch Set Update (PSU) Release Listing for Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) (Doc ID 1470197.1) Once you have the patch downloaded, there is no need to unzip it, you are ready to start patching.This example will be done on a Linux based PUM appliance

  1. First set the variables to your java home, weblogic home and add opatch to the default path

    export JAVA_HOME=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/jdk1.7.0101
    export ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/bea/

  2. To check the status of patches applied to the ORACLE_HOME set above, run the command below.

    opatch lsinventory -jdk $JAVA_HOME

  3. To attempt a "dry run" apply of the patch, run the command below

    opatch apply -report /path/topatchdownload/ -jdk $JAVA_HOME

  4. To apply the patch, run the same command above but remove the -report option. Be sure to stop any running Weblogic instances before applying. I recommend using the command ps -ef | grep -i weblogic to check for running instances.

  5. Once the patch is finished applying, confirm it was successful. You may wish to do another inventory check to confirm the result (see step 2). At this point your Weblogic home is now patch and you can start your PIA domains. No need to redeploy. 

I'll try to get some posts on patching the other products. I see that Tuxedo now uses opatch for applying updates which is much easier than it used to be!


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