Oracle Enterprise Manager Last Backup timestamp is incorrect

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13 has a nice feature that shows the last backup timestamp on the home page of each target database. You can see this info directly in the SYSMAN.MGMT$HA_BACKUP table of the EM repository database. However, sometimes you may notice that this time stamp is older than the latest current backup. To add to the confusion if you navigate to "Availability->Backup&Recovery ->Backup Reports, you will see the true current time stamp which doesn't align with the time stamp shown on the target page.

This is because the metric collection job that updates the SYSMAN.MGMT$HA_BACKUP table, only runs every 12 hours by default. At 12am/pm UTC. If you would like a particular target to update more frequently, you can use emcli. Example command shown below

./emcli modify_collection_schedule \
-targetType="oracle_database" \
-targetNames="MYDB" -collectionName="haconfig1_collection" \
-freqType="HOUR" -freqValue="1" -preview="N"

After successfully running this, the time stamp will update every hour on the hour. You can read more about it at Oracle Doc ID -  EM 12c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Backup Timestamp increased to 12 Hours Compared to 1 Hour 11g Grid Control (Doc ID 1549322.1)


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