Backing up PeopleSoft Test Framework Objects

At my office, we refresh our PeopleSoft development databases quite regularly. The developers came to our team with a request to make sure we retain all PeopleSoft Test Framework objects in between refreshes. Additionally, it needs to be fully automated (no manual export/import). I did some digging and discovered that Application Designer command line allows you to create a project and insert specified definition types into the project. A read of the PeopleTools 8.54: Application
Designer Developer's Guide showed that the PTF objects numbers are:
104=Test Definitions
105=Test Framework Test Cases

Armed with this info, I have put together simple Windows batch file that will create a project with all PTF tests and then export it to file. After the refresh job is complete, you can use the Application Designer cli to import the project back into the refreshed database. Script is in the "gist" below.


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