Oracle PeopleSoft PUM and Tools 8.55

Hello and welcome. I have started this blog as a reference for myself and if I can help anyone else out in the process, that's usually a good thing. Without further ado, here is the first post.

I work with Oracle PeopleSoft and today had to download the first ever PUM appliance based on PeopleTools 8.55. With this update, Oracle has changed the way you load/create the PUM database for applying updates. (i.e. Tax updates). In the past all we did was download the Virtual Box image, extract it and import into Virtual Box.

 There are now 2 different options.

  1. Use the new Puppet based DPK's which will install and build a PeopleSoft instance/database on a VM you already have. (for example in your VMware environment)
  2. Run a Powershell or Bash (depending on your Virtual Box Host OS) that will create an Oracle Linux VM in Virtual Box and then run the DPK's to build a PeopleSoft instance/database inside of that Virtual Box VM.
For my purposes I am going to start with option 2 since I already have a Virtual Box host in place  to do this, but I will likely go with option 1 when the next image comes out. In this case I will be downloading and installing HCM image 16. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the 16 or so zip files from My Oracle on the PUM homepage for the HCM image.
  2.  Open the 1st zip file "" and copy the "setup" folder to the root directory that contains all the zip files.
  3. Open a Powershell window and change directory the setup folder described above.
  4. Run psft-dpk-setup.ps1 file which should find all of your zip files and extract them.
  5. Let the PowerShell prompts create and import the appliance.
After the extract is complete and the prerequisites for import into Virtual Box are met  it will then ask you if you want to import the appliance. The process will import a new VM with the needed components and then install PeopleSoft HCM with image 16 for use has a PUM database. 

Example output:


  1. Great info Matt! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Matt,
    Thanks a ton for sharing! I tried installing Image 16 on my Windows 10 laptop, but it didn't help. The installation stops midway when running the PS Script, stating that "Linux is not supported with this release"

    Any idea what could be wrong?


    1. Hi Mani,

      I ran this on a Windows Sever 2012 machine. In theory this should work on Windows 10x64. Can you confirm that you're not on Windows 10 32-bit?

  3. This is the error that I get and the script exits -

  4. Hi Matt,
    Thanks a ton for responding! My Windows 10 is a 64-bit version. It appears that there was an issue with the PS Script - on line 82. A trim statement has now been added to the next line for that particular variable being referenced and now, the install proceeds without any issue.

    Here's my post on the VirtualBox installation:

    Hope you post often! :)


  5. Oops - missed the link -


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